Digital Marketing: How to Reach Customers?

Understanding the socio-demographic characteristics of the ideal client, as well as knowing their interests, desires, motivations and challenges, is fundamental for reaching the consumers of this new commercial normality in the digital environment.

Friday, August 7, 2020

The health crisis, quarantines and social distancing measures in the countries of the region, forced individuals and companies to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, which caused the digital to become the center of all interactions.

Companies are adjusting their plans in this new context and digital marketing has gained importance in large corporations. Computer tools are capable of enhancing the positioning of a product, provided that the advertising campaign is designed according to the characteristics of the target market.

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In order to speak the same language as the consumers, it is essential to have knowledge of the interests, desires, motivations, challenges, sex and age of the group of clients you are trying to reach.

In the case of companies that already have a segmented database of their customers, an article in explains that "... If you know exactly which products the customer has bought, you can easily send an email with a discount coupon for their next purchase of that same product or I can suggest other products related to their previous purchase. Again, the chances are higher that they will buy again, if what you offer them is to their liking."

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The article adds that "... Digital marketing offers many advantages for companies, regardless of whether they are new to the market or have a long history. To a certain extent, the different tools of digital marketing accompanied by new technologies have democratized the possibility of reaching different markets, even outside the borders of one's own country."

In this context of change in the business scenario, CentralAmericaData has tools and interactive information systems that monitor the interests, tastes, preferences and purchasing intentions of consumers in any country in the region, data that allows companies to project demand trends and anticipate changes that will occur in the various sectors and categories of products and services.

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