Digicel will have coverage in all of Central America

The Digicel Group confirmed yesterday in Panama their decision to invest "multi-million dollar" sums of money in cellular communications in Central America.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In an attempt to shake up the main competition in the region, the investment will be carried out strongly geared towards components such as technology, equipment, and offers to consumers.
Luis La Rocca, Digicel Manager in El Salvador and spokesperson for Digicel Panama, highlighted that the company has invested $2.5 billion in developing its global network which includes some 7 million clients who are attended to by 4,000 workers, however he preferred not to divulge their total investment in Central America.

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Claro with 40% of the Salvadoran Market

March 2011

America Movil, which owns Claro, acquired 100% of Digicel and will have about 2.96 million users.

According to the General Superintendence of Telecommunications (SIGET), the country has about 7.4 million cell phone users.

"At least for the next six months and a maximum 12 - which is how long the merger could take - customers of both companies and the overall market will continue to see them as separate companies," adds Laprensagrafica.com.

Costa Rica, Digicel's Upcoming Challenge

December 2009

Costa Rica is next on the list for Digicel, telecommunications provider in Central America.

This was announced by Luis La Rocca, vice president of the board at Digicel Panama, who added that they have a 20% market share in Panama, after only one year of operations.

Nacion.com reports: "Dicigel, founded in Ireland, made a $350 million investment in Panama, which included installing over 700 GSM/EDGE towers and 200 product and customer service stores in the country".

El Salvador is the Central America's leader in cell phone use

January 2009

By the end of 2008, El Salvador had the largest number of cell phones per person in Central America, with 6.6 million for a population of 5.8 million.

Experts say the large number of cell phones is a reflection of consumerism, promoted by intense advertising campaigns. Another factor that has played a role is the large number of Salvadorans living abroad, many of whom communicate with their families back home via mobile phone.

Digicel to pump US$334m in Panama operations

September 2008

The project consists of the construction and operation of a greenfield mobile cellular telephone network in Panama.

The total cost is estimated at US$334 million. The proposed IFC investment is up to US$50 million 'A' loan for IFC's own account.

The project is expected to create high-quality employment opportunities in Panama both at the company and distribution levels.