Difficulties in Investing in Central America

Employers in the region are complaining about a lack of long-term development policies, and are asking for Government transparency, effectiveness and legal certainty, so that they can continue investing in the region.

Monday, November 17, 2014

During a meeting between businessmen and government called 'Expanding opportunities: promoting the private sector and job creation', entrepreneurs from different sectors shared their concerns and views on the investment climate in the region.

Laprensagrafica.com reports that during his speech, the businessman Roberto Murray Meza said "... I make the call to convert the project into concrete plans. Our governments have invested time and effort in a document that serves as a first step to guide us in how to address the challenges facing our country, which translates into an honest account of past mistakes and an accurate assessment of the current challenges being faced. Our job as members of the private sector, is to ask our governments to be accountable to this plan. "

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What Challenges Will the New Government Face?

January 2020

Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala's new president, is hosting a country with weak institutions, legal uncertainty and a business sector that is asking for a less "hostile" environment for new investments.

After winning the presidential elections in August 2019, Alejandro Giammattei took office on Jan.

Fostering Regional Development

November 2018

Reducing trade barriers and procedures, increasing legal security and improving productive infrastructure are part of the changes required by the business sector for the region's economic development.

In Guatemala, the 12th Ibero-American Business Meeting is held, in which the private sector presents proposals to face the current challenges and generate opportunities for the countries of the region.

Critical Situation in El Salvador

September 2014

The business sector indicates that the country is going through a deep fiscal, economic, social, institutional and public security crisis.

From a statement issued by the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP):

The business sector agrees with the feeling of the population expressed in surveys and different areas of opinion regarding the fact that the country is going through a deep fiscal, economic, social, institutional and insecurity crisis.

Big Companies from El Salvador Go to U.S.

June 2013

Some of the main businesses from El Salvador will be advocating for the realization of Fomilenio II and for a deepening of the Association for Growth pact signed between the two countries two years ago.

From a press release by the Presidency of El Salvador:

A delegation from the National Council for Growth will make an official visit to Washington DC from 24 to 26 June, where meetings will be held with senior government officials and the Congress of the United States, under the framework of the first 18 months of the Partnership for Growth.