Development Banking Law Approved in El Salvador

The new Financial System Law to Promote Development aims to promote, with financial and technical support, development of investment projects.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A press release from the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador reads:

The Legislative Assembly approved on 22 September 2011, with 78 votes, 103 items that make up the new Financial System Law for the Promotion of Development, which aims to promote, with financial and technical support, the development of viable and profitable investments in the country’s productive sectors.

Under the new rules, the Multisectoral Investment Bank, will be transformed into a new lending institution with powers and responsibilities for the Development Banking System, which will seek to provide financial support to public sector policies in order to promote development of micro, small and medium enterprises , and in this way, strengthen the country’s economic and social development.

"Without doubt, this law will become, not only a more transcendent law, but one of the most transcendent laws of this legislature, it is a law that poses structural changes to the country, in a sector as important as the financial industry, as this is related to credit, providing access to money for the people, especially those in need of resources to start a business, ... this is the enormity of this law", said independent MP Orlando Arévalo.

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Useless? Development Banking in Costa Rica

June 2013

The bureaucratic requirements contained in a bill advancing in Congress would continue to hamper access to credit for entrepreneurs.

A few days ago Congress ruled on the Law for Strengthening Development Banking, under which sureties are not required, interest would be low and deadlines for payment would be longer.

Costa Rica: $320 million Still Unused

May 2012

Changes to the law on development banking have suffered a delay of 5 months, which has prevented the use of $320 million.

Delays to the expected legislative changes to the Law of the System for Banking Development (SBD) now add up to 5 months.

The opposition blames the government for not having pushed a review of the reforms to a special commission.

Development Banking Projects Presented

September 2011

The Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI) is working on developing projects that could be funded through the Development Bank.

The recent adoption of the Law on the Development Bank, has led the Association to work on details for projects related to the energy, food, textiles and pharmaceutical industries.

Costa Rica: Development Banking Still Stuck

September 2011

The reform proposal submitted by the Government does not have the full backing of the Legislative Assembly.

The way that resources obtained from the banking system are to be used is the main point that could further delay the implementation of the system of development banking (SBD in Spanish), which aims to provide financing to small and medium enterprises who do not have access today to traditional bank loans.