Delays at Panama-Costa Rica Border Once Again

If it is not for one reason it is another: now cargo is building up in Paso Canoas because of the closure of the customs office due to the Panamanian holiday.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The problems, according to Gerardo Bolaños, CEO of Customs at the Ministry of Finance, are not caused by the Costa Rican side but in Panama. This is because last Monday was a holiday in the country.

"... Whenever there is a holiday in Panama a few more containers are piled up because obviously the office closes and that causes the situation," Bolaños said.

Added to this is that on the Panamanian side there is a new computer system which "sometimes goes down" and the staff is short. That is why the Costa Rican side yards are loaded with goods waiting to be received by the authorities of the neighboring country.

"We have to send them in small doses so that they get processed," he added.

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Exporters claim that the lack of staff at border posts at certain times of the day is slowing the processes for customs clearance, security and sanitation issues.

Lack of staff and lack of coordination in the timetables for services provided to carriers are the main causes of the constant delays faced by companies that transport goods from Costa Rica to Central America.

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August 2013

An agreement signed between the foreign ministries of Costa Rica and Panama was not enough for the Costa Rican truckers to lift the blockade in Paso Canoas, which has gone on for five days.

Juan Carlos Segura, a spokesman for the carriers, said that the 300 trucks at the border will remain in place because the compromise agreed by the ministers is a joke and does not address the abuses of the State Border Service of Panama (SENAFRONT).

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The Director of Customs in Costa Rica has stated that they will continue to perform the exhaustive checks which are causing delays in unloading goods.

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In April, an article in noted that, at the Peñas Blancas office, "truckers have been taking up to two days to complete the formalities and reviews and be allowed to pass over to the Nicaraguan side."