Decrease in Telephone Revenues in Central America

Mobile phones, the strongest sector for the regional economy, registered a decline in earnings in 2008.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

El Periódico reported on its website: "While América Móvil added 1 million new customers in Central America in 2008, revenues from its subsidiaries in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua fell by 3.4 % and its profits were reduced by 26.6%. Telefónica, the Spanish phone service provider, also reported a fall of 2.9% in the revenues of its subsidiaries in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama, with 318 million Euros (U.S. $413 million) in total revenues for 2008."

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Competition in the Mobile Phone Market

February 2018

Since rules came into effect on number portability, Costa Rica's state telephone company has lost 559 thousand lines, which have swelled the client lists of the two foreign competitors that operate in the mobile telephony market.

The possibility of keeping the same cell phone number and changing operator has existed since November 2013, and since then, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad  (ICE) has lost almost 560 thousand lines, which passed into the hands of Telefónica, which operates the brand Movistar, and Claro, a brand of the Mexican company América Móvil.

Telephone Companies Invest $500 million in Nicaragua

August 2011

In the past five years, private telecommunication companies have invested $500 million in the country.

Orlando Castillo, executive chairman of the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Offices, Telcor, said in an interview with a local television station, that the investment has been mainly used to expand mobile phone services.

América Móvil to Invest $150 Million in Panama

April 2009

The company, through its Claro brand, announced investment in infrastructure, retail outlets and health care centers.

The coverage that the company has managed is more than 80% in cellular phones and 50% in mobile internet since coming into the mobile telephone market in March 2008, announced Oscar Borda, the Company's Central American Director.

Claro optimizes its network in Guatemala

August 2008

All features of a computer that is connected to the internet are now available to Claro cellular customers.

Claro, a subsidiary of America Movil, launched its 3G (Third Generation) services from the first semester of this year, with the capability of surfing at high speeds and using various software applications; nonetheless, with the continued improvements, the network is now 3.5G, said Richard Sherman, Ericsson's IT Manager for Central America and the Caribbean.