Date Set for Payment of Corporation Tax in Costa Rica

The new tax will be charged from April 2012 and will be $262 for active registered companies, and $132 for inactive ones.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Ministries of Finance and Justice will receive the first payment of the new corporation tax this April, said Costa Rican officials.

The new tax is $262 (135,000 colones) for active registered companies, and $132 (68,000 colones) for inactive ones. In 2013, the tax will be higher: about $349 (180,000 colones) for active corporations, and about $174 (90,000 colones) for inactive ones, reported

With the income from this tax rise, approved last year by the Legislature, the government expects to raise about $68 million (35,000 million colones) to be directed towards strengthening the security budget.

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Costa Rica: Return of Corporation Tax

January 2017

The law passed in first debate establishes an annual tax of between $119 and $394, depending on whether the company is active or not and the amount of income generated.

The bill was approved this morning in the first debate, and resources that are collected will be used, only this once, for hiring police officers.

Costa Rica: Return of Corporation Tax

April 2015

With the new bill the aim is to redeploy the payment of corporation tax, which was declared unconstitutional and suspended in January.

The new initiative seeks to resurrect the creation of the tax, fees and penalties, redefining the criteria for their application. However, there are Members who do not support this measure, who assert that is mostly affects small and medium enterprises.

Costa Rica: Approval of Business Tax Moves Forward

August 2011

An annual tax of $312 will be created for companies, branches or representatives of foreign corporations, limited liability companies who are in active business.

The tax targets active corporations which undertake some type of commercial business. For inactive companies (not engaged in lucrative activities), the tax is $156.44.

Annual $200 Corporation Tax in Costa Rica

August 2010

The 2006 bill would create an annual tax of $200 payable by all incorporated companies.

The government hopes the new law would provide an additional $110 million in revenue to be spent on improving citizen security.

The tax applies to all corporate entities, of which there are currently 550,000 registered.