Data Governance and Business Costs

To effectively apply data analysis tools on a large scale, the proper structuring of the information is essential, otherwise the cost that the company will have to incur to reverse the errors will be very high.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Data governance, which encompasses the set of processes, functions, policies, standards and measurements that ensure the effective and efficient use of information, becomes relevant to enterprises, which increasingly benefit from the use of machine learning tools and statistical analysis.

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With current systems, data are the bread and butter of automatic learning; if the quality of the data you work with is low, the result of Artificial Intelligence will be worse. On the other hand, the better the quality of the data you enter, the better the final result will be.

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An article published by states that "... Data governance is critical to a successful AI transformation. You can't hope for the best and think that data governance is something you can fix later."

Brian Ka Chan, technology strategist and researcher at Smart City, shares the following suggestion for businesses: "... Data Governance should be initiated as soon as possible, for two reasons:

1) the sooner you manage your data, the sooner you will get the benefits
2) the later you do it, the higher the cost of repair will be on the road.

See full article.

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Costa Rica Government Purchase 2014LN-000006-0005900001 [LN]:

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