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DPS International Inc

Solving environmental and sustainability problems in developing countries.

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Close, Did you know?, DPS INT has incorporated a division of Corporate Social Responsibility, , Learn more , , , Our Philosophy:, , An appropriate solution to a problem must be ”the least-cost alternative that is technically viable, financially sustainable and which produces acceptable levels of social and environmental impact”.Our clients deserve and receive“high quality service, value, understanding, innovation and teamwork”.Highly experienced multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are required and are assembled for each of our projects., , Areas of expertise:, * water supply development., * solid, biomedical and hazardous waste management., * waste minimization and RRR programs., * environmental impact assessment and environmental management., * environmental business planning for industries., * environmental auditing., * financial analysis., * project design, supervision and quality control., * technical training and institutional strengthening., * corporate social responsibility policies, programs, and projects., * sustainability programs for the resource extraction sector