Customs Union in the Northern Triangle

It has been announced that El Salvador will join the process being undertaken by Honduras and Guatemala to integrate customs posts between the three countries.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Guatemala:

Guatemala, October 22, 2015. After a meeting between the Ministers of the Northern Triangle, it was confirmed that El Salvador will join the Customs Union efforts which have been initiated by Guatemala and Honduras.

The Deputy Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade of Guatemala, Maria Luisa Flores, reported that "the three ministers met and discussed strategic interests in the area of ​​trade facilitation and to establish guidelines that will allow the three countries to promote the Customs Union".

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Honduras and Guatemala Integrate Custom Offices

December 2016

As part of the implementation of the Customs Union, Corinto was designated as a new integrated custom office, and operations will begin in the first quarter of 2017.

The resolution signed yesterday by officials of the two nations to enable the passage through Corinth in Entre Ríos, Izabal, heralds the start of a new route with greater opportunities for bilateral trade. 

Panama: Central American Customs Union In 6 months

April 2016

The current customs legislation has been unified into a single document and changes will be implemented in processes to establish deposits made to order merchandise and refunding taxes, among other things.

Approval of the decree that integrates into a single document all national regulations and the Central American Uniform Customs Code (Cauca) is one of the steps that was needed for full integration of Panama into the Central American Customs Union. It is expected that accession to the bloc will occur within six months.

Honduras Approves Customs Union with Guatemala

December 2015

While the Enabling Protocol was not even reviewed by guatemalan lawmakers, the Honduran Congress has already given its approval.

From a statement issued by the National Congress of Honduras:

The treaty is consistent with the legal instruments of Central American economic integration and the general framework of the treaty for the establishment of a customs union between Guatemala and Honduras and will allow for the free movement of natural persons between the two countries.

New Guatemala - Honduras Customs Scheme

September 2015

Posts will be set up in peripheral positions with third party countries, an integrated post in Agua Caliente, and free movement posts in El Florido and Entre Rios-Corinth.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Guatemala: