Customs: The Eternal Thorn in the Side of the Logistics Sector

Despite innumerable meetings of leaders and officials who frequently express their willingness to act on the issue, customs transit continues to be the main factor affecting logistics costs for regional trade.

Friday, May 29, 2015

At the first congress of freight transport in El Salvador once again the problem that continues to prevent the region achieving greater commercial development, was brought to the light. While the private sector has denounced the issue to the authorities in the region many times, "... obstacles remain, causing long queues of vehicles outside customs offices."

Guillermo Massana, president of the union of carriers of El Salvador, told that "... "The people at the customs office argue that it is to do with a change of staff, but that should not affect the efficiency of the service. There are a lot of delays and that makes us incur additional costs that we can not pass on to our customers.'"

Moses Pacas, member of the Freight Transport Association, "... also stressed that although he is taking on new technological equipment, customs workers always take discretionary decisions which give preference to other companies and delay work for others. "

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Delays Continue at Customs Offices in El Salvador

May 2014

Problems persist in the process of reviewing merchandise at the border posts in Amatillo and La Hachadura causing delays to cargo trucks.

Double review processes, recurring failures with x-ray machine inspection and the absence of a contingency plan for unforeseen delays has generated delays of between 19 and 23 hours for the approval of entry and exit of goods, said the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers (ASTIC).

Strike By Truckers Continues at Salvadoran Borders

January 2014

Only cargo destined for El Salvador should be charged with the $18 fee for the inspection with scanner, request freight carriers.

According to the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), this fee violates conventions and trade agreements in the region. In addition, they believe that the inspections and the time it takes to submit all shipments to the procedures are excessive.

Problems at Customs Offices in El Salvador Once Again

January 2014

Freight carriers are opposed to the collection of a fee of $18 per inspection using scanners and are threatening strikes and a change of routes.

Representatives from the freight union are analyzing re routing trucks so that they do not have to cross El Salvador in order to reach the rest of the region, instead crossing at the border of Agua Caliente, Chiquimula, into Honduras.

Delayed Transit of Goods in El Salvador

April 2012

In the absence of ‘marchamos’, the products are accumulating at the customs border in El Salvador, causing additional costs and delays to carriers and enterprises.

Since last Saturday, at the borders of El Amatillo, Angiatú and La Hachadura, freight carriers have had to cover extra costs in order to bring in merchandise and avoid a collapse in trade flows.