Customs Offices in El Salvador Hindering Trade

Cargo carriers are reporting that customs formalities can take up to 27 hours, due to the constant changes of personnel and their lack of training.

Monday, April 27, 2015

On the border of La Hachadura and Amatillo there are 15 kilometer long lines of vans which are waiting make the appropriate arrangements to pass through. Representatives from the Association of International Freight (Astic) have called for the establishment of a permanent table with the customs office in order to discuss and solve these problems, however, "... the General Department of Customs has shown no interest ...".

Raul Alfaro, president of the Astic, told that "... Since the beginning of the year I've been talking to customs, giving proposals for solutions to reach arrangements, but we have not received a response from them, it has been completely silent. At night, there is only one customs agent in charge, this holds up the passage of transport, since the average time to deal with each truck is between 20 and 25 minutes, delaying the passage. "

"... The damage not only falls on those who transport merchandise but also customers who hire this service. If no solution is found to the problems experienced at borders, carriers will be forced to raise prices to their customers as they are incurring customs waiting costs for transport companies. "

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February 2016

While authorities have reactivated the process for binational customs liberalization, entrepreneurs have pointed to constraints on issues related to bureaucracy, corruption, and infrastructure at border crossing points.

The governments of Guatemala and El Salvador have resumed work in Technical Groups to liberalize binational border posts.

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Exporters claim that the lack of staff at border posts at certain times of the day is slowing the processes for customs clearance, security and sanitation issues.

Lack of staff and lack of coordination in the timetables for services provided to carriers are the main causes of the constant delays faced by companies that transport goods from Costa Rica to Central America.

Delays Continue at Customs Offices in El Salvador

May 2014

Problems persist in the process of reviewing merchandise at the border posts in Amatillo and La Hachadura causing delays to cargo trucks.

Double review processes, recurring failures with x-ray machine inspection and the absence of a contingency plan for unforeseen delays has generated delays of between 19 and 23 hours for the approval of entry and exit of goods, said the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers (ASTIC).

Strike By Truckers Continues at Salvadoran Borders

January 2014

Only cargo destined for El Salvador should be charged with the $18 fee for the inspection with scanner, request freight carriers.

According to the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), this fee violates conventions and trade agreements in the region. In addition, they believe that the inspections and the time it takes to submit all shipments to the procedures are excessive.