Customs Offices Should be Open 24/7 for Cargo

In order to expedite intraregional trade it is necessary for customs offices dealing with cargo freight, to be open all hours, just as immigration customs offices are.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A study commissioned by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Central America (Fecamco) concluded that there are 87 barriers to trade in the region, one of the major ones being operations of the systems at customs offices at borders, followed by bureaucratic requirements and lack of adequate infrastructure.

Raul Delvalle, Fecamco's president, said in the article on that "...Immigration Customs do not close at any time of day, however the customs offices for transported goods do. "

"Delvalle said Fecamco is working on resolving these obstacles with the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIEC), an organization run by the Panamanian Carmen Gisela Vergara, to create an observatory at the Chamber of Commerce of Panama where all the information is received to make decisions about these issues."

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More on this topic

Contingency Plan for Customs Challenges

May 2019

Because the entry into force of the Central American Single Declaration has generated delays in the import and export processes, a contingency plan will be implemented at all customs offices in the region.

By agreement of the Council of Ministers of Economic Integration (COMIECO), on May 7 the Single Central American Declaration (DUCA) was implemented at the regional level, a situation that has generated many difficulties arising from the implementation of the new system in the import and export processes.

Training in Intraregional Trade

March 2015

Starting April chambers of commerce in the region will be providing free training on phytosanitary controls, management at border posts and customs procedures for exporting firms.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica:

As of April, the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica will be running a training program on trade facilitation for the public and private sector, within the framework of a cooperation agreement signed between the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Central America (FECAMCO) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement the USAID Regional Project on Trade and Market Partnerships.

Governments Hinder Intra-Regional Trade

July 2014

Despite the antiquity of the efforts for Central American integration and for the Customs Union the obstacles to trade between the countries on the isthmus presented by customs offices are notorious.

The Federation of Chambers and Associations of Exporters of Central America (Fecaxca) is once again calling for policies and common strategies for standards and customs procedures.

Unions Call For Solutions to Strike At Salvadoran Borders

January 2014

Central American companies are asking the Salvadoran government to intervene in the conflict, which is already generating huge losses.

Legislation in the region allows customs offices to design nonintrusive inspection methods, but these should not generate arrears in clearance or excessive costs which obstruct the free movement of goods, services and people.