Customs Congress Begins in Panama

Experts from the World Customs Organization (WCO) will gather today, December 9, in Panama to discuss counterfeiting and piracy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

In the meeting, in which twelve countries of the region are participating, new routes identified for the transit of counterfeit goods and new methods used to counterfeit products will be publicised.

An expert from the WCO, Christophe Zimmermann, said, "This initiative will demonstrate the effectiveness of risk analysis of information provided by Customs to prevent the crime of piracy.

Representatives from Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Panama will take part in this event", reported

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New Border Post between Guatemala and Honduras

August 2016

An announcement has been made of the installation in Corinto, department of Copan, of a third post on the border between the two countries.

The current Free Movement Post in Corinto, located in Honduran territory,
will operate as an Integrated Control Post.

Guatemala and Honduras: Customs Offices Which Avoid El Salvador

January 2014

The authorities at customs offices in Guatemala and Honduras have opened new routes for regional transit of goods between the two countries.

The aim of the opening of new routes at the borders between the two countries, in El Florido and Agua Caliente, is to streamline regional trade which has been blocked because of the protests over the application of a fee of $18 in Salvadoran customs offices for X-ray inspection of trucks.

Nicaragua: Concession of Customs Scanning Service

June 2013

In Nicaragua the Concession Act for Non Intrusive Inspection has been approved, allowing the award for a period of 15 years of a contract to a Panamanian company.

According to the deputy Jenny Martinez, with the award (prior to approval of the Act) the company Alvimer Internacional are ensuring the use of modern technology scanners to move goods, which will save time for the commercial sector and therefore also save money.

Authorized Economic Operator

April 2013

The function of the AEO is to contribute to the implementation of safety guidelines of the World Customs Organization in order to have a secure supply chain.

From Wikipedia:

"The AEO certificate, issued by customs authorities in the EU and many other countries using the same or a similar name, is a trusted certificate which Customs offices give to traders who meet certain requirements which demonstrate to the customs offices their reliability regarding customs processes, solvency and safety. It is granted to operators involved in the chain of international trade, whether natural or legal persons, provided that the professional activity of these operators is subject to customs regulations, such as importers, exporters, manufacturers, representatives at customs offices, bearers, carriers , terminal operators, shippers etc.