Customer Service Challenges

With the increasing use of "chatbots" used by companies to automate customer communications, in the future, companies' sales strategies will have to be aligned with people, processes and technologies.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Global companies are in a process of migration to new formats of customer service, in which robotics and machine learning systems are fundamental for the development of new communication dynamics.

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Because of the increasing use of mobile devices and the new generations of millennials and centennials in companies, most workers will have to interact with chatbots, or conversation platforms based on artificial intelligence.

Benita Vega, manager of customer experience consulting at KPMG-Panama, explained to that "... chatbots will evolve towards the consolidation of precision and proactivity, and for this to happen customer strategists must achieve an alignment between people, processes and technology. Technology by itself cannot develop customer relationships or generate sales. A strategy and execution plan needs to be articulated."

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Gary Lezama, territory manager for channels and SME accounts at Microsoft, said that "... around the world the presence of chatbots and virtual assistants has increased as they have evolved. It generates huge efficiencies to businesses and a better customer experience. Companies across industries value these contributions and have been able to use people's unique and unrepeatable skills for more complex tasks that require problem solving, empathy, collaboration and other deeply human characteristics."

Quick and effective attention to answer customer queries, provide information and allow self-management, are some of the advantages offered to organizations using chatbots.

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