Cancellation of Crucitas Mining Concession Stands

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica has dismissed appeals filed by the company Industrias Infinito.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In November 2010 the Administrative Court ordered the cancellation of a mining concession to Industrias Infinito, a company that has invested $127 million in the project.

"The First Chamber ... decided to uphold all parts of the ruling, so that in addition to the cancellation of the operating permits, the decree that declared mining activity of public interest has been annulled and it was reiterated that legal proceedings should be initiated against several authorities such as the ex-president Oscar Arias", reported

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Crucitas Mine, Legal Uncertainty and Foreign Investment

November 2010

A 15-year, $127 million investment was suddenly halted by a court canceling a mining concession to Industrias Infinito in Costa Rica.

On Wednesday a court ruled that there were irregularities in the issuance of permits awarded to the Canadian mining company for exploiting a gold mine, and decided to annul the concession.

Costa Rican Court Cancels Las Crucitas Mining Concession

November 2010

A local court ruled to annul the concession previously granted to Industrias Infinito, and ordered the company to pay compensatory damages.

The court ordered the Costa Rican State and Industrias Infinito to pay environmental damages.

An article in noted that the ruling is not definitive, as another court (Sala Primera), must first resolve an appeal by Industrias Infinito.

President Chinchilla Will Not Revoke Mina Crucitas Permits

July 2010

Taking into account the ruling of the Constitutional Court in favor of the gold mining project and the risk of a multi-million pound law suit, Chinchilla will not cancel the concession.

The Mina Crucitas operations, which are in the preparatory phase, remain suspended as a precaution pending the reversal of the Contentious-Administrative Tribunal ruling, which stopped the mine from operating in response to a complaint from an environmental organization.

Construction of gold mine suspended in Costa Rica

October 2008

The Supreme Court of Costa Rica has ordered the suspension of works at the Crucitas gold mine due to enviromental claims.

Infinito Gold Ltd, the company responable for the developmen of the mine, reported that the court had ordered them to stop works to clear the property while they review the case presented by a group of environmentalists.