Criticism of Asphalt Pavements in Panama

The Association of Engineers and Architects has questioned the quality of asphalt being used for road maintenance and construction.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A report by the Panamanian Association of Engineers and Architects (SPIA), "... suggests that the debatable part of the works being carried is the asphalt coating, which is only 5 centimetres thick", reports

Referring to the multi-lane roads, the report notes the presence of defective joints and a variety of surface textures, "The works are not all of superior quality", said the coordinator of the SPIA Road Committee, Gaston Schatan.

As for the asphalt used, it is the same as 50 years ago, the same mixture and the same preparation procedures.

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Panama: Objections to Asphalt Stipulated in Tender

March 2015

The union of engineers has asked for the suspension of the tender to renovate a section of the Panamerican highway because the tender conditions demand a new asphalt mix that is not used in the country.

From a statement issued by the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA):

Panama: More Control Over Concrete Sales

February 2015

The Ministry of Public Works is proposing the creation of a National Asphalt Division, an entity which would be responsible for overseeing the quality of asphalt used on roads.

At the moment, authorization is being awaited from the Ministry of Finance for the creation of the National Asphalt Division which aims to, among other things, regulate the business of manufacturing concrete in the country, as well as improving control of product quality.

Tender for Fuel Quality Control

January 2015

The government of Honduras plans to convene an international tender to select a company which will certify the quality of fuels.

The bill on Fuels Marketing will include monitoring fuel quality, a task that initially was to be performed by a laboratory which was installed with the team needed for certification, but as the initiative was unsuccessful, it was agreed instead to hire an international company "...

El Salvador Seeks to Improve Product Quality

July 2011

The National Assembly has passed a law that will regulate the quality, size and weight of products sold.

In order to standardize the quality of the products that Salvadorans buy and adapt to international standards, the Legislature has approved the "Law for the creation of a Salvadoran Quality System."