El Salvador: Credit Cards and Construction excluded from Tax Reform

Excluded from financial transactions which would incur tax under the fiscal reform are transactions made with credit cards and amendments will be made to the property tax which affects the construction sector.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meeting the demands of the construction industry is one of the modifications being contemplated in the reform of the text is to adjust the amounts of the 'floor' on property taxes, "... relative to luxury properties."

Although some of the proposed changes have not yet been fully adopted, such as the case of adjustments to the amounts of property tax, the Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Roberto Lorenzana, told Elsalvador.com that "... there are three agreements to redraft the proposed tax reform. "

"...Members of the Legislative Assembly will continue the discussion of this tax reform, which has led to criticism from some quarters due to the impact it could generate on the national economy. "

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Costa Rica: Embargo Eliminated from Law on Tax Evasion

June 2015

The new draft law on tax fraud prepared by the opposition and which must be reviewed by the Ministry of Finance excludes the concept of collection and seizure by administrative authorities.

After having negotiated for the opposition bloc in Congress to amend the bill originally submitted by the Ministry of Finance, the new bill is ready and among the changes is the elimination of the incorporation of the concept of fines and embargos imposed administratively. It maintains the collection and seizure of tax debts through the courts.

Costa Rica: Changes in Income Tax

March 2015

The reform under public consultation includes tax on remittances sent abroad, on the payment or crediting of interest, commissions and other financial expenses by natural or legal persons domiciled in Costa Rica.

From the order by the Ministry of Finance published in La Gaceta:

Costa Rica: Details of Anti Tax Evasion Bill

August 2014

Limiting the deduction of interest from income tax and eliminating the exemption from payment of 15% for dividend distribution between companies are part of the changes included in the project.

The Bill to Improve Anti-Tax Fraud, presented by the Ministry of Finance amends various tax issues that must be taken into consideration by companies operating under Costa Rican law.

Reforms to the Costa Rican Tax System

August 2011

The reforms include provision for a fine for non payment of partial income taxes, facilitation of tax refunds, and streamlining of tax collections on luxury homes.

The Legislature has approved the "Project for urgent reforms of the tax administration", the first of the proposals included in the tax reform promoted by the Chinchilla administration in the package entitled "Solidarity Tax Act."