Mobile Banking Grows

In 2017, money transfers made in Costa Rica through the Sinpe Móvil service added up to $34 million, 140% more than in 2016.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

According to figures from the Central Bank " ...In 2017, this service showed the highest growth in terms of quantity with 140.4% compared to 2016, being the service that showed the highest growth rates since its launch in May 2015."

The report adds that "... Likewise, from the beginning and at the close of 2017, a total of 1,610,000 settled transactions were recorded, of which 66% corresponded to intra-bank transactions (between accounts of the same financial entity) and the remaining 34% corresponded to inter-bank transactions (between accounts of different entities)."

"In terms of value, transfers of funds made in 2017 through Sinpe Móvil amounted to ₡19.650 billion, with an average value per transaction of approximately ₡18,600."

Regarding the acceptance of the service, the report states that "... this service registered a total of 569,000 subscribed clients, evidencing acceptance of the service by the users of the 16 financial entities that currently make it available (Banco Davivienda, Bco .BAC San José, Bco. of Costa Rica, Bco. Lafise, Bco. Nacional, Bco. Popular, Bco. Promérica, Caja de ANDE, Coop. Coocique, Coop. CoopeAlianza, Coop. COOPEANDE, Coop. COOPENAE, Cooperservidores RL, Grp Mtl Alajuela-Housing, Mtl. Cartago, Teledolar SA)."

See full report (in Spanish). 

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August 2018

During the second quarter of 2018 the amount of electronic payment services provided amounted to $10.455 billion, 21% more than in the same period in 2017.

Payment services offered by the Central Bank of Nicaragua were channeled mainly through the Nicaraguan InterBank Electronic Payments System (SINPE), with transactions amounting to 323,569.7 million córdobas (93.7 percent of the services offered by the BCN), reported the institution.

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During the first quarter of 2018, the amount of electronic payment services provided totaled $16,254 million, 62% more than in the same period in 2017.

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In 2017, the amount of electronic payment services provided totaled $40.510 billion, which represented about three times the value of Nicaraguan GDP.

In 2017 the value of transactions increased by 15.6% with respect to 2016, behavior explained mainly by a greater dynamism in the operations of the Automated Clearing House (ACH), as these grew by 198%, while BCN operations did so by 7.8%.

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May 2015

The new service SINPE Móvil allows phone line to be connected to a bank account in colones, in order to make transactions to another bank account using text messages.

Banco Central de Costa Rica's application, SINPE Móvil, also allows the use of mobile applications, online banking and mobile banking websites so that you can make any banking transaction and make transfers to any other registered mobile terminal.