Insurance Market in Honduras Grows by 10%

At the end of last year, 2011, the insurance market reported a growth of 9.6% compared with 2010.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

According to the National Commission for Banking and Insurance (CNBS), growth in premiums was $28.7 million.

"According to the insurance industry, the only decrease, of 4%, was in the general insurance section which includes vehicle and fire policies, ..." reported the

Life insurance reported an increase of 3%, with group policies driving the growth.

"In reviewing the individual numbers from companies operating in the country, the " top 5" with the highest total premiums to the lowest, are Ficohsa Insurance, Atlantis, Mapfre, HSBC and Palic."

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Insurance in Honduras: Good Results for 2017

February 2018

Over the past year, premiums totaled $440 million, 8% more than in 2016, led by General Insurance and Accident and illness insurance.

According to figures from the National Commission of Banks and Insurance, at the end of 2017 the loss ratio totaled $200 million, representing 45% of premium income, 3% more than was reported in 2016.

Changes in Nicaraguan Insurance Market

May 2013

Private insurers are beginning to outperform the state insurance company and have so far captured a 40% market share.

The ranking of the premiums made by the Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions (Siboif) reveals that in the case of Seguros América S.A.,in the first quarter of 2013, they led the market with 29.3% of the sector.

Insurance Market in Costa Rica in 2012

February 2013

A report by SUGESE contains information on Basic Indicators, Market Structure and Participants and Products.

December 2012 Bulletin from the Superintendent of Insurance (SUGESE):

Basic Indicators

The total amount of direct premiums was ¢466.2 billion in 2012, with 69% of that amount corresponding to voluntary insurance.

Honduran Insurance Market

June 2011

The health insurance sector has been growing since 2003, at a rate of $5 million annually.

15.7%. of the total contracts signed were for health insurance.

"Nationally, of the $53 million in total premiums for accident and health recorded in 2010, the Ficohsa insurance company handled 28.2%, Pan American Life (Palic) 24.2%, Atlantic 10.8%, Mapfre 9.9% , HSBC 8.6% and Seguros Crefisa 8.4%.", noted an article in