Creation of Guatemalan-Russian Chamber of Commerce

The main objective of the new entity is to facilitate trade and cultural exchange between the two countries.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Among its activities, providing information about goods and services of interest to Russian and Guatemalan entrepreneurs and looking for Russian investment in the country are highlighted.

Dan Berger, board member, informed "The new entity will be responsible, among other things, for being an intermediate so that business between Guatemala and Russia can become a reality. It will give advice to partners in finance, tax, business, customs and promote the creation of a free trade agreement between Russia and Guatemala."

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New El Salvador - United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

February 2018

With the aim of promoting new opportunities for trade and investment, businessmen from both countries decided to create a union.

The president of the union, David Huezo, told that "... the Chamber 'will promote activities that will allow it to position itself as a national and regional reference entity in the active support and promotion of opportunities for commercial exchange with the United Kingdom'."

France-Panama Chamber of Commerce

February 2016

The new business entity seeks to convene 100 companies in two years, and foster business development, trade and investment between Panama and the European country.

The Franco - Panamanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFP) is a non profit organization that seeks to bring together the business sector of both countries to promote business development, trade and investment.

New Guatemalan - French Chamber of Commerce

September 2015

Identifying business and investment opportunities between the two countries is one of the goals of the newly created business chamber.

One of the sectors that could benefit is linked to organic and natural goods production, considering that "... 'in Europe the demand for these goods increases between 15% and 20% per year and European consumers are willing to pay a premium of almost 30% if a product is labelled 'bio'," explained the Ambassador of the European Union, Stella Zervoudaki.

Nicaragua - Brazil Chamber of Commerce Created

January 2012

The new Nicaraguan - Brazilian Chamber of Commerce unites Brazilian and Nicaraguan entrepreneurs and investors.

Enrique Zamora, General Manager of the agricultural company Agropecuaria LAFISE SA and Chairman of the new chamber said: "Nicaragua has received many benefits from Brazil and is now looking to further strengthen these relations and to promote Nicaraguan exports to that country and the southern region. "