Costa Rican VAT Regulations Released

On June 11, the Regulation of the Value Added Tax Law was published in the official newspaper La Gaceta, which will begin to be applied next July 1.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Regulation, which was published in Scope 129 of the official newspaper, was submitted for public consultation last March.

See "Second Consultation for New VAT Law

The First Transitory Provision of the official regulation states that "... The beginning of the application of the perception established for cross-border digital services and intangible goods will be given from the moment the Tax Administration provides the list of suppliers or intermediaries to the collection agents, whose transactions will be the object of perception, for which they will count from the sending of the first list, one month for its implementation."

The Second Transitory Provision specifies that "... The Value Added Tax shall be applied to any delivery of goods or rendering of services that, not having been subject to or exempt from the General Sales Tax, its generating fact occurs as of July 1, 2019, regardless of the date of signature and effects of the underlying act, agreement or contract, the tax is applied only on the portion of this that remains to be consumed; sales made or services rendered in each of the corresponding fiscal periods shall be declared.

In the case of airplane tickets whose sale is made prior to the entry into force of the Law, these will not be subject to VAT even if the service is provided after the entry into force of the Law.

See full regulation.

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November 2019

The changes that had been made to the Regulation of the Value Added Tax Law in Guatemala came into effect.

This is Governmental Agreement 222-2019 modifying the Regulation of the Value Added Tax Law, which contains provisions regarding the mechanisms for the recovery of the tax credit to exporters created by Decree 4-2019, informed the exporters' union.

Income Tax Law Regulations in Consultation

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Until April 26 will be in public consultation the regulations of the Income Tax Law in Costa Rica.

From the Ministry of Finance statement:

April 12, 2019. As was done with the first proposal of the regulation to the Law of Value Added Tax (VAT), the Ministry of Finance made available on its website, the first draft of the project "Modifications and Additions to the Income Tax Law Regulation", which regulates Title II of the Law to Strengthen Finance, No. 9635, of December 3, 2018.

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Regulations of the Value Added Tax Law in Costa Rica are in public consultation until February 4.

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January 29, 2019. With the aim of achieving the greatest possible citizen participation in the implementation process of the Law to Strengthen Public Finances, from today, Tuesday, January 29 and until next Monday, February 4, the Ministry of Finance will have available to the public the proposed "Regulation of Title 1 of Law No. 9635 of December 3, 2018, called "Value Added Tax Law" (VAT).

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August 2010

Inevitable fiscal reform will include the implementation of a value-added tax (VAT), which is basically an extension of the existing Sales Tax.

While a sales tax is only on transfers of merchandise and certain kinds of service, VAT is a generic consumption tax on the sale of all goods and services. Usually exemptions and reduced rates are defined for goods and services that form part of the so-called basic shopping basket.