Costa Rican Bonds to be Sold in Nicaragua

The supply of investment alternatives will be broadened with the authorization granted to Invercasa.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nicaraguan investors will now have more options for their investment portfolios, now that the Invercasa stock exchange has received authorization from the Superintendency to sell Costa Rican sovereign debt bonds.

With this option, Nicaraguan investors will be able to diversify their investment portfolio risks and access international options directly from their country.

An article in states: "Edgar Gutierrez, general manager of the Invercasa stock exchange confirms that the Costa Rican bond issuances amount to $250 million in the primary market, that is to say this is the first time they have been offered.

Gutierrez pointed out that for investors, this is a "cost-effective option" as they are bonds that pay out every six months, at interest rates of between 6.64 percent and 9.99 percent, with maturities of three and nine years.

Emiliano Maranhao, President of Invercasa, announced that in the face of the growing supply of securities and investment alternatives, they are working on obtaining authorization to negotiate for bonds and securities from Panama and from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE). "

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