Costa Rica loses $72 million due to lack of IT technicians

Last year at least 82 IT companies lost a total of $72 million because they lack some 2,300 computer technicians and professionals.

Monday, September 1, 2008

This data comes from a diagnosis done by the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (Camtic), with support from universities, in order to know the panorama and to provide proposals that will improve it.

For example, the creation of a national plan for technological formation, an innovation center and an agency specialized in IT, to name a few.

This deficit prevented the social sector from receiving $18.6 million, stopped $33 million in salaries from being injected into to market and there was $19.8 million less in the cost of operations chain.

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In Costa Rica there are currently more than 400 people employed in this sector, with a reported unmet demand for another 3000.

The study "Skills in networking and connectivity in Latin America", conducted by IDC for the company Cisco, reveals that there is currently a 43% gap between demand and actual supply of these professionals, which by 2015 could rise to 47 %.

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More professionals and technicians are needed to meet demand for specialists with the opening of the country's mobile telephony sector.

The shortage was envisaged by specialists consulted by El Financiero. They believe that the current supply of cell phone market professionals and technical experts will not be sufficient to cover the demand created by the market opening, both in terms of the number of specialists, years of experience and their level of expertise.

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The market demands more IT professionals than available, and the problem is expected to grow.

Enrique Bonilla, vice president of the Panamanian Technology Chamber (Capatec), discussed a study conducted with the Technology Ministry (Senacyt) which determined that local universities have low enrollment levels in IT careers.