Costa Rica and its Never Ending Internet Shortcomings

The country is also losing competitiveness because of its internet services, with average speeds reported of just 6.9 Mbps on the 4G network, far away from the world average and below the rest of Central America.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A report by the international company OpenSignal reports that Costa Rica's 4G network has the worst average global speed, just above India, where the average speed of the 4G network is 6.13 Mbps. reports that "... 'Regarding the report published in June with data collected between January and March, Costa Rica's position 'improved' slightly by climbing one place and leaving the last place in the hands of India.

The 4G LTE network, unlike its predecessors such as the 3G network, provides faster voice or mobile data services. For example, the 4G LTE network allows speeds 10 times greater than the 3G network and 250 times more than the 2G. 

Regarding the availability of the 4G LTE network, the country is not bottom but it is among those in the last places. 
Costa Rica enjoys an indicator of 60.43% in this category, while last place is Algeria with 41.50%."

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Costa Rica Lags Behind on Internet

April 2015

The country's loss of competitiveness because of the deterioration of basic infrastructure development, is replicated in the case of the internet where average speeds are only 2.8 Mbps, far from the world average and below that of most countries in the region.

Costa Rica stands out in Central America for the quality and volume of goods and services related to technology which it produces and exports.

Urgent Need to Assign Radio Spectrum in Costa Rica

September 2013

A recommendation has been given to accelerate the launch of new tenders for frequencies in order to develop next-generation services such as 4G LTE networks.

A study by the company Signals Telecom Consulting reveals that telephone companies must have more space in the spectrum in order to adjust their operations to accommodate smartphones and meet the demand for fast speeds for mobile internet browsing.

Competition Encourages Technological Advancement

June 2013

The implementation of a LTE network by the state telecom company in Costa Rica will stimulate the market, benefiting consumers.

In one month, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad will launch a pilot scheme for a fourth generation cellular network using LTE technology, initially reserved for affluent areas and those with heavy internet use on mobile phones.

4G LTE Networks Growing in Latin America

March 2013

It is now more than a year since the first installation in the region of the enhanced technology networks that enable wireless data communication. reports that "The installation of 4G LTE networks in Latin America has been a growing trend since December 2011 when Antel in Uruguay launched the first commercial offering."