Costa Rica and its Below Par Enactment of Public Works

Of the $1592 million in loans for road infrastructure granted up to September this year, the Ministry of Public Works has only used 33%.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The $1592 million correspond to, says, "... loans for $60 million for roads and cantonal bridges, $390 million for the expansion to four lanes of Route 32 between the crossing towards Rio Frio and Limon, $340 million for routes between Canas-Barranca and Paquera -Playa Naranjo and $450 million for the Northern Beltway, the´platina´and Saprissa bridges, among other things."

The most serious aspect is that "...Most of these buildings have not been started since they have got bogged down in tender processes, expropriations or permit applications."

"... In October last year, Marta Acosta, General Comptroller of Republic, criticized the slowness with which the MOPT has managed loans and said that management is [bad enough] "to make you angry"."

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Costa Rica: $91 Million More for Road Works

November 2020

CABEI and the Costa Rican authorities have signed a contract to extend the "Strategic Road Infrastructure Works Program" for a further $91 million, which finances, among other works, the construction of the Northern Beltway.

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) informed that the $91 million addendum, in addition to the $340 million of the Program, will allow the construction of the Northern Beltway Functional Unit V which maintains a cost of $70.5 million, as well as the reinforcement and modernization of the bridge over the Virilla River on National Route 32.

Nicaragua: $43 Million to Build Bridges

July 2017

With funding from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, four bridges will be built on the road linking the municipalities of Rio Blanco and Siuna in the North Caribbean.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport explained that the bridges to be built are Mulukukú, Lisawe, Labú and Prinzapolka, each with a length of 174 meters, 80, 90 and 92 meters, respectively.  The bridges will be built on the road that connects the municipalities of Río Blanco and Siuna, in the North Caribbean. 

Alternative Financing for Road in Costa Rica

December 2013

The delay in the approval of the Chinese loan for the construction of the road to Limón suggests the need to consider other options.

The Government of China has set December 31 as the deadline to maintain the conditions of $395 million loan offered to build the road to Limon, but the Legislature could take up to April 30, 2014 to discuss it.

Costa Rica: New Bridge En Route to Airport

August 2011

The Ministry of Public Works (MOPT in Spanish) has announced the construction of a new four lane bridge alongside the old bridge, which has structural problems, on one of the most important routes in the country.

The busy route between San José - Alajuela, fell into chaos several times due to ineffective repairs to the bridge that connects the road to the General Cañas Highway.