Costa Rica and Canada to Update FTA

By the end of the year the countries are scheduled to meet in order to include services, intellectual property and public sector contracts in their Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

These topics are not included in the current FTA negotiated in 1999 and in force until 2002 but are part of the DR-CAFTA.

Costa Rica's Minister for Trade, Anabel González, told that, "standardizing both agreements and also the one with Mexico will give importers and exporters greater ability to make the most of the agreements' benefits".

The minister added that rules of origin will also be discussed and updated.

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Deadlocks in Renegotiation of Costa Rica-Canada FTA

October 2013

Although both parties have expressed interest in renewing the agreement negotiations have been stalled since May.  

The parties have opposing positions and this led to the current situation where no agreement has been reached. The renegotiations were started in late 2011, as the treaty did not include modern standards regarding services and conflict resolution.

Costa Rica and Canada FTA Enters its Final Stage

September 2012

Last week concluded the V round of the modernization process of the Free Trade Agreement between Costa Rica and Canada.

A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica reads:

Modernization of Costa Rica and Canada FTA enters its final stage.

San Jose, September 3, 2012.

Required Improvements to the Costa Rica - Canada FTA

February 2012

The elimination of nontariff barriers is the main request being made by Costa Rican businessmen negotiating updates to the trade agreement.

Although access to the Canadian market is wide open, Costa Rican exporters are still facing many non-tariff related barriers. These obstacles are related to technical, phytosanitary and sanitary issues, labeling, origin of primary products, etc.

Second Meeting to Update Costa Rica – Canada FTA

February 2012

Technical teams from Costa Rica and Canada will start the second round of negotiations this week in order to upgrade the FTA which has been in place since 2002.

Costa Rica hopes to negotiate an agreement to allow non-discriminatory access to the Canadian market to Costa Rican service providers. It also seeks the elimination of tariffs on digital products transmitted electronically.

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