Costa Rica and Canada Continue Trade Negotiations

The countries have begun the fourth round of negotiations in the modernization of the existing free trade agreement between the two countries.

Monday, June 11, 2012

From a press release from the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Trade:

San Jose, June 11, 2012. Costa Rica and Canada began today in San Jose, the fourth round of negotiations in the modernization of the existing free trade agreement between the two countries.

This time, the technical teams will work on the evaluation of alternatives to seek consensus on issues that are still pending. It is expected that the issues relating to customs procedures, temporary entry of business people, electronic commerce and institutional arrangements will be completed.

Additionally, significant progress is expected on market access, rules of origin, telecommunications, financial services, investment, trade in services, monopolies and state enterprises. "With this process we seek to consolidate and expand the Costa Rican foreign trade platform, to modernize a trade agreement that was negotiated in a different economic environment than today. Precisely in order to improve opportunities for the productive sectors we have been making an effort to alleviate this negotiation. In order to achieve this goal, before this round virtual meetings were held in which there were discussions on issues concerning services and investment and government procurement. Our expectation this week is to close the gap and move towards closing ", explained the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Fernando Ocampo.

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