Costa Rica - Nicaragua: Border Post Under Construction

The border post to be opened by the government of Costa Rica in early 2015 in Las Tablillas will be used temporarily, until the permanent post has been built.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The border post is located in the north of Costa Rica, in an area near the bridge built by the Nicaraguan government in the San Juan area.

The Foreign Minister, Manuel González, told that "... the work will be temporary while a definitive border post is being built... He explained that the construction permanent border post has suffered delays in implementation, because the land is owned by the City of Los Chiles and has not yet been transferred to the Government. "

"... After resolving the issue of transfer of ownership, the government hopes to undertake the construction of the new border post through a cooperative agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for an amount between $10 and $12 million. "

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Bureaucracy Is The Enemy of Regional Commerce

March 2018

In Costa Rica, an action of unconstitutionality filed almost three years ago is preventing the construction of a customs post on the border with Nicaragua, which would allow cargo transportation to be spared a distance of 160 kilometers.

Although the government has the $12 million needed for the final construction of the border post, where a temporary container has operated since 2013, the unconstitutionality action filed by the environmentalist Alvaro Sagot, is preventing the project from progressing.

Costa Rica's Bureaucracy Affecting Central America

April 2017

On the Nicaraguan side everything is ready for cargo transported to and from the port of Limon to save 160 kilometers, through the customs post of Las Tablillas, but endless red tape is preventing works from starting in Costa Rica.

The Legislature granting approval for a loan to finance the work, completion of administrative procedures, the holding of a tender to hire a project manager who must then then tender the work internationally, are all of the steps that have to be completed to just to get work started at the customs post in Las Tablillas.

Las Tablillas Customs Post: All Spruced Up But No Visitors

February 2016

The Nicaraguan side is all ready for cargo transported to and from the port of Limón to save 250 kilometers, but the poor condition of a section of road in Costa Rica is preventing it.

The idea for the construction of the bridge over the San Juan River within the territory of Nicaragua, was to speed up freight between that country and the ports in Limon, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

New Bridge Between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

March 2009

With cooperation from the Japanese government, the construction of a new bridge between the towns of Santa Fe and Las Tablillas is being planned in order to integrate both areas.

The Director of Immigration in Costa Rica, Mario Zamora, explained to "This would give many advantages to Nicaraguan exporters because they would not have to go through the Central Valley.