Costa Rica - Nicaragua Border Blocked

It has been reported that the passage of cargo and passengers through the border post of Peñas Blancas is closed due to the crisis caused by the presence of Cuban migrants in the area.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Costa Rica union of importers reported that between November 16th and 17th several vans loaded with goods are being held up at the border post, waiting for the passage to be opened in both directions.

"... Allan Ulloa, a reporter for Migration, which is on the northern border told that only some people are passing through on foot, going in both directions, but traffic is closed to all vehicles. " adds that "... According to information, 'Cubans in Costa Rican territory are keeping the border closed to buses and passengers, while a long line of trucks on both sides of the border is forming, " lamented the government."

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Political Tension Affecting Regional Trade

December 2017

Although Juan Orlando Hernández has now been declared as the winner of the elections and blockades and demonstrations have decreased, difficulties in transporting merchandise to and from Puerto Cortés, as well as land borders, remain.

As a result of the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs when transporting goods to and from Honduras, companies in neighboring countries are looking for alternatives to expedite shipments, especially those of perishable products.

Blockades Continue on Costa Rica - Panama Border

February 2016

The union has exhausted dialogue with the regional government of Chiriqui and is a blockading the border preventing the movement of freight carriers in Central America.

The provincial government in Chiriqui has failed to prevent Panamanian carriers, organized by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation in Panama, (Canatraca) from indefinitely blocking the passage of trucks across the border in Paso Canoas (information at time of going to press at 3:30 p.m).

Work Permits for Guatemalans in Mexico

July 2014

The agreement between the governments of Guatemala and Mexico establishes the granting of temporary work permits for Guatemalans in the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo.

From a statement issued by the Government of Guatemala:

The Governments of Guatemala and Mexico have launched the Safe Passage program, which will provide Guatemalans and Belizeans with regional visitor cards and frontier worker cards at no cost, among other measures, in order to create a safe and orderly control of people crossing the Mexican border.

Border Crossings Between El Salvador and Guatemala Remain Closed

September 2010

Two border crossings located in the state of Ahuachapán in El Salvador are closed due to infrastructure damaged by excessive rainfall.

The civil protection authority officially reported today that the border control offices of La Hachadura and Las Chinamas were closed for transit.