Costa Rica Wants "High Level" Chinese Tourism

The government has announced the opening of a consulate in Shanghai and other efforts to open others in cities where there is high purchasing power in an effort to attract people to the Costa Rican tourism sector.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

From a statement issued by the Government of Costa Rica:

Tourism is one of the axes that form part of the strategic partnership relations between Costa Rica and China, with concrete actions leading to an increase in visits by tourists , the beginning of efforts to establish a direct flight and contact made by tour operators.

The President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solis, in his official tour to China, met with Li Jinzao, Director of China National Tourism Adminsitration, in order to strengthen actions to attract tourists to this nation, as a component added to the agenda of reactivation of Costa Rica's tourism sector.

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Promising Features of the China - Panama Alliance

November 2017

Flights between the Asian country and Tocumen, a feasibility study to build a train to the border with Costa Rica and cooperation in financial, energy and maritime matters, are some of the results on offer from the agreements signed between the Chinese and Panamanian governments.

Since the breakdown of Panama's diplomatic relations with Taiwan and the new relationship with the Asian giant was announced in June of this year, the possibilities of creating and developing new business in Panama have multiplied, due to the implications that greater involvement in terms of investment by China would have for the country and the region. 

Nicaragua: Very Poor Touristic Campaign

August 2015

In light of the announcement of a campaign to promote tourism in Nicaragua "through embassies and consulates," entrepreneurs are recommending the utilization of professional methods.

Tourism entrepreneurs believe that the "Pride of my country" campaign is insufficient to achieve the impact required to Nicaragua as an important tourist destination in the region.

Costa Rica: Tourism Regains Political Relevance

May 2015

Correcting the mistake made in July 2014, the Solis administration has reinstated the strategic political role of the tourism sector.

An article in reports that "... The Presidential House announced that the tourism sector will regain its rank within the government.

Drop in Importance of Tourism Policy in Costa Rica

August 2014

The new organization decreed by the executive branch no longer considers tourism to be a major industry but as a dependent subsector of the Ministry of Economy.

Tour operators expressed dissatisfaction with the measure, while the President himself Luis Guillermo Solís, signer of the decree in question, declared he was unaware of the situation.