Costa Rica: Virtual Exchange for Selling Waste

The National Recycling Strategy announced by the administration Solis contemplates the implementation of a virtual stock exchange in which companies from different sectors can sell waste materials.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The initiative aims to give value to industrial and waste materials that can be reused as raw materials in different productive activities. reported that "...This is a digital platform where users, mainly companies, may offer waste and, likewise, seek waste materials that could serve as inputs for their respective activities. The goal, according to the official document, is to 'boost the supply and demand of waste in a practical, user-friendly and simple manner'. "

"... The environmental director of the Association of Entrepreneurs for Development (AED), Manfred Kopper, believes that this mechanism has great economic potential. 'There are many industries that generate large volumes of waste and do not know where to sell them. For example, let's say that Grupo Nation has a lot of waste paper that it will no longer use and it does not know who to sell it to. In the exchange you can find who the highest bidder is.' "

Although it has not yet been defined how prices are fixed, authorities at the Ministry of Health said it could be done through a bidding system where companies would make their offers. The exchange could start operating in the second half of this year.

See more information on the government's National Strategy for Recycling . (In Spanish)

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Recycling Exports in Nicaragua

September 2016

So far in 2016 exports of scrap metal, cardboard, glass, iron and other materials to be used for recycling, amounted to nearly $20 million, while in 2015 $24 million worth was exported.

Although it is an export sector that is growing in the country, businessmen linked to the sector believe that much of this waste being exported for recycling in other countries could be treated in Nicaragua and could generate additional revenue.

Garbage in Costa Rica: Another Commission

March 2015

A year into its tenure, the government of Costa Rica has announced the formation of a joint committee to study a national plan for recycling and recovery of waste.


In another grim example of the difficulties faced by rulers in Costa Rica to make executive decisions on public works, existing plans - which are currently on hold, and will probably disappear - for investment in the waste management and recycling sector, including generating power from them, due to the fact that the current government has decided to start from scratch with the formation of a committee to "develop strategies" on the topic. As if there were not already enough information on his issue, and as if the respective participants and those responsible had not expressed themselves sufficiently in this respect. It is the same case with the commission on energy introduced by this government.

Upcoming Tender for Waste Processing Plant

February 2013

The municipalities of the capital of Costa Rica have announced the construction a power plant which will produce energy from waste.

The project, which could be put out to tender by the middle of this year, includes the construction of the plant and a concession for its operation for twenty years. Works are expected to commence in 2014 for the plant to be in operation in 2016.

Recycling is Up and Coming in Central America

November 2010

The recycling industry grows in the region as a way to save costs, create jobs and protect the environment.

"Nicaragua has exported until October of this year about 40 million Dollars in recyclable material, primarily iron, while in 2009 it exported 24 million Dollars," stated as evidence of the sector´s growth Carlos Marin, president of the Recycling Association of that country.