Costa Rica: Transformation of Egg Market

In the past three years local consumption and exports have increased, however the number of companies selling abroad has been reduced.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

According to figures from the Foreign Trade Promotion Office between 2010 and 2013 foreign sales of fresh and cultivated eggs increased 3.8 times, but were concentrated in the hands of a few. Some production companies which traditionally exported to the region have stopped doing so and managed to offset part of the loss of that market with increasing local consumption of eggs.

"... Some producers, such as La Yema Dorada and Avicultores Unidos La Garita, had problems in the region and stopped exporting, but offset the losses with an increase in local demand which is happening slowly but steadily," reported"

"In the egg-producing poultry sector we have to face non-tariff barriers for exports imposed by other countries, but we also have the fact that it is expensive to produce in this country," said Mesalles, CEO of La Yema Dorada.

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