Costa Rica: The State Still Buys Insurance from INS

Despite the de-monopolization of the market four years ago, state institutions continue to obtain their insurance with the National Insurance Institute (INS).

Monday, August 27, 2012

An article in reports that "Although the Law Regulating the Insurance Market (LRMS) leaves open the possibility for public sector entities to buy private insurance policies, few enterprises have contracted their services."
In private insurance companies is considered "The little experience in hiring private sector insurance explains the low prices by state entities."

"With the opening of the insurance market, insurance companies such as Assa, Mapfre, Qualitas and Bolivar are allowed to offer coverage for goods, as they have authorization to sell general insurance policies. Nevertheless, these firms and state enterprises recognize that there are few occasions where quotes are made for coverage of state assets with entities other than of the National Insurance Institute (INS). "

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Insurance Market in Costa Rica up to March 2014

May 2014

The state run Nacional de Seguros and PanAmerican Life share 88% of the market in the segment of accident and health policies.

The segment for Accident and Health policies showed that up to March 2014 the majority market share was held by Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) with 46.4% and 41.7% was held by Pan American Life, according to the Superintendent of Insurance (SUGESE).

Private Insurance in Costa Rica Not Taking Off

November 2011

Three years since the privatisation of the insurance sector, the state agency (INS) remains the main entity in the market.

The market dominance of the National Insurance Institute (INS), with 94% of total premium income, is, in the opinion of the Association of Private Insurance (AAP), a result of the supervision exercised by the Superintendency of Insurance (Sugese).

Costa Rica’s Insurance Market

October 2011

In the newly privatised insurance market, companies are competing with the National Insurance Institute (INS in Spanish) to increase their portfolios.

Last June, according to the premium income figures, registered insurance lines and assets, INS was first, followed by Assa and Alico with its life and health insurance lines.

Mapfre-Mundial Starts Selling Insurance in Costa Rica

May 2010

Insurance company Mapfre-Mundial will start selling vehicle insurance this week; its product is called “Póliza Lider” (Spanish for Leader Policy).

It is the first to compete directly with the National Insurance Institute (INS) in the general insurance segment.

“In its first stage, the company will sell through its own sales force and two insurance brokers”, reported