Costa Rica: Tax Regulations Under Consultation

Transfer pricing and double taxation are two of the topics covered in three bills to reform regulations which the Ministry of Finance has put to public consultation.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

One of the proposals is the bill on "Informational declaration of transfer pricing". explains that   "...This empowers the tax authorities to check that transactions between related parties are valued at prices similar to those that would be agreed between independent parties in comparable transactions. " 

See project under consultation. (In Spanish)

Another document under public consultation is the "Protocol on procedures for mutual agreement foreseen in agreements to avoid double taxation and prevent fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital."

See project under consultation. (In Spanish)

"... The third document under consultation relates to the "Inclusion of solar panels in the regulations of the Law on Income Tax. "This will be used to determine the maximum rates that can be prudently set for depreciation or lifespan of those assets."

See project in consultation. (In Spanish)

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Costa Rica: Changes in Income Tax

March 2015

The reform under public consultation includes tax on remittances sent abroad, on the payment or crediting of interest, commissions and other financial expenses by natural or legal persons domiciled in Costa Rica.

From the order by the Ministry of Finance published in La Gaceta:

Guatemala Tax Calendar October 2013

October 2013

A Memorandum has been issued by Tezó y Asociados on the Transfer Pricing Study and obligations for the payment schedule corresponding to September 2013.

Tax Memorandum 12 to 13 October 2013
Transfer Pricing Study

The purpose of the transfer pricing study in Guatemala, is to determine whether transactions by a local company during a fiscal tax year, with related subjects living abroad, were agreed and at prices similar to those established between independent parties, which is defined as "Principle of Free Competition", and taking into account in this new standards established by Decree No. 10-2012, Act Income Tax (Articles 54 to 67) and in the Regulation (Articles 37 to 66).

Costa Rica: Preparing for Transfer Pricing Rules

June 2013

The General Directorate of Taxation is preparing regulations to govern the sales prices of goods and services between companies considered as related to each other.

This regulation is currently under review by the legal department of the Ministry of Finance. The aim is to have it in force before the end of the current administration, said Carlos Vargas, CEO of Taxation.

Tax Changes in Costa Rica

March 2012

Already approved in the first instance, the draft Law on the Solidarity Tax involves substantial changes which will in general raise taxes on productive and commercial activities.

An article in reviews the main consequences of the adoption of the fiscal plan.