Costa Rica: Cellphone headaches for visitors

Foreign visitors to Costa Rica have "absolutely no chance" of obtaining a temporary cellphone through official channels, according to Anabel Zumbado, client services manager of the Costa Rican Residents' Association.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Applications get bogged down in the red tape that surrounds Costa Rican migration procedures, and there are substantial delays in getting pre-paid services online.
Lack of a cellphone can be a problem for business visitors, though Zumbado added: "People can always find ways of getting round the restrictions."

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Telefónica Registers Trademark in Costa Rica

March 2011

The Spanish company began the process of registering its trademark in Costa Rica.

Telefónica, with extensive coverage in Latin America, began the process of registering its trademark in Costa Rica before the Industrial Property Registry.

Telefónica was awarded the third block of phone frequencies from the tender done by the Costa Rican government, the more attractive block because it requires less investment in infrastructure.

Authorization of Telecommunications Companies in July

May 2009

The Superintendent of Telecommunications of Costa Rica estimates that it will deliver the first licenses to operate in the market in July.

The period specified by the Telecommunications Superitendent (Sutel) is consistent with the terms of the General Telecommunications Law, and it contemplates a resolution of all the objections to the admission of the different businesses presented by the Costa Rican Institute of Telecommunications (ICE) and RACSA.

Costa Rican legislators give green light to free market in telecoms

May 2008

The first reading of a bill to open up Costa Rica's telecommunications market was approved by legislators at the second time of asking.

Twenty-nine members of the single-chamber Legislative Assembly voted for the proposal, while 13 opposed it.
The bill's first reading had already been approved in February, but the Supreme Court's Constitutional Chamber over turned the finding six weeks later.

Panama aims for portable cellphone numbers

April 2008

Panama will have to establish the portability of cellphone numbers before two new operators are allowed into the market, said Manuel Troitiño, telecommunications director of the National Public Services Authority (ASEP).

Portability was one of the recommendations of the Colombian consultancy, Swedtel, that carried out a recent study of Panama's cellphone market.