Costa Rica Reviewing Digital TV Standards

Representatives from the different Digital TV standards are in the country, explaining the benefits of their technologies.

Friday, January 22, 2010

On March 30th, a public-private Digital TV commission will have to deliver a recommendation to the Executive indicating which standard should be adopted by the country.

"The commission spent two hours listening to Julián Seseña, representative of the European Standard DVB-T", reported

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El Salvador: From Broadcast TV to Digital TV

July 2015

A study by the Superintendency of Competition highlights concentration in the market for broadcast TV and suggests accelerating the transition to digital in order to incorporate new operators.

The full report has not yet been released by the Superintendency of Competition (SC), but it has been revealed that the main point is the strong concentration in the market, which could be reduced if it faster progress is made in moving towards a scheme of digital television, allowing the entry of more operators. One alternative is to reserve part of the spectrum for the entry of future operators.

Problems in Transition to Digital TV

October 2014

Costa Rica has initiated meetings to address the change to digital television looking to the Spanish company Ingenia-Telecom as neutral mediator between the government and operators.

In a forum held by the National Chamber of Radio and Television, companies operating open channels emphasized the lack of a public policy to order the transition to digital television.

Digital TV for Costa Rica in 2017

November 2010

With the approval of the "Act of Implementation of Digital Television”, the government will announce by the end of the year the transition of technologies.

The Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, Teofilo de la Torre said that in 2017 the transition of technologies would take place and with this the end of analog television.

Panama Debuts Open Signal TV in Digital

December 2009

The State Service of Radio and Television (SERTV) offers viewers a digital format with open signal.

The country's State Radio and Television Broadcasting Service (SERTV), chose the European standard DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting). In its first phase, they will focus on transforming the analogous signal, and once ready they will offer additional services, such as making payments or requesting medical appointments.