Costa Rica: Revenues for New Port Infrastructure

Between 2018 and 2047 APM Terminals will pay approximately $1 billion for the concession of the new Moin Container Terminal which is currently under construction.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

An article in reports that "... The data comes from a study by the Academy of Central America -a nonprofit private research center, founded in 1969-, carried out for the Dutch giant APM Terminals ".

"... In the first year of operation alone, Japdeva received $12.5 million. This amount is three times higher than the profits of the Board in 2015, which reached $3.9 million. " AMP Terminals must pay Costa Rica 7.5% of revenues from the operation of the specialized container terminal every year.

There is concern at the political and social level over what Japdeva (Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Coast) will use this money for, given its history of poor management of resources received from the operation of ports in the Caribbean.

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