Costa Rica: Return of Corporation Tax

The law passed in first debate establishes an annual tax of between $119 and $394, depending on whether the company is active or not and the amount of income generated.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The bill was approved this morning in the first debate, and resources that are collected will be used, only this once, for hiring police officers. reports that "...The tax will be charged as follows: inactive companies, ¢64,000 per year; active companies earning less than ¢51 million, ¢106,000 per year; active companies with revenues of between ¢51 million and ¢119 million, ¢127,000 per year; active companies with incomes higher than ¢119 million, ¢212,000 per year."

"... The initiative states that the tribute will be paid by all "corporations, individual limited liability companies, as well as branches of a foreign companies or their representatives, registered with the Register of Legal Persons of the National Registry in January."

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Costa Rica: Return of Corporation Tax

March 2017

Approval has been given to the law which levies an annual tax on legal persons of between $119 and $394, depending on whether or not the company is active and the income generated.

Companies must re-pay the tax in July, as the government has announced plans to publish the law this month. Once published, the law would enter into force three months later. 

Costa Rica: New Tax Will Not Apply to MSEs

August 2011

The government has reiterated that the new tax on corporate bodies, approved in first debate in Congress, does not apply to Micro and Small Enterprises.

The new statements come in the face of recent criticism of the bill, by some opposition representatives.

The proposal, which intends to charge a tax of $300 for corporate bodies registered as active and a $150 for those who are non active, and was approved in first reading in the Legislative Assembly and is currently being debated in the Constitutional Court.

Costa Rica: Corporate Tax Plan Stalled

August 2011

The libertarian movement has asked the Constitutional Court to review the proposed tax on legal persons.

This request will mean a delay, of at least 30 days, in the eventual adoption of the tax which the government intends to use to raise revenue to fund security programs.

Costa Rica: Approval of Business Tax Moves Forward

August 2011

An annual tax of $312 will be created for companies, branches or representatives of foreign corporations, limited liability companies who are in active business.

The tax targets active corporations which undertake some type of commercial business. For inactive companies (not engaged in lucrative activities), the tax is $156.44.