Costa Rica: Radio Spectrum Tender re launched

The tender scheduled for the second half of the year includes a block of 40 MHz from the 1800 MHz band and a 30 MHz from the bands 1900/2100 MHz

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

After being canceled in late April by the Chinchilla administration, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications has decided to restart the project and is analysing how the bidding process will be structured.

"Allan Ruiz, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, said they are designing different scenarios, discarding adding to the combo the 40 MHz from the 900 MHz band... which would involve moving 139 radio companies that use that space for radio links. 'The plan is start the bidding process in the second half of the year and are working on that'. "

"According to Elias Soley, director of the Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), the frequency block that was not awarded in 2011 coincides with an 'urgent need' by the operators Claro and Movistar to access more spectrum ... he believes that promotion should be given to contests for frequencies in order to allow private operators to consolidate in the market and compete under similar conditions with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). "

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Costa Rica: Idle Radio Bands Will Finally Be Tendered

February 2016

After a five years wait, the Telecommunications Authority has received an order to award unused radio spectrum frequencies.

From a publication in the official newspaper La Gaceta on Tuesday February 9, 2016:

Executive Decree No. 354-2015-Tel-Micitt, the Second Vice President of the Republic in exercise of the Presidency of the Republic and the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, agree:

No More Mobile Operators in Costa Rica

December 2014

The government has confirmed that the auction of the remaining 70 MHz of spectrum in 2015 will be only among the three current telecommunications operators.  

In the end the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) announced that the auction of radio spectrum of 70MHz in early 2015, which aims to strengthen the current market, will be launched without the involvement of a fourth operator, as was originally considered.

Radio Spectrum: 70 MHz Idle

November 2014

Although in Costa Rica the convenience of the de-monopolization of the communications has been demonstrated, there is still resistance on the part of the government to allowing more operators to enter the market.

The market entry of a fourth mobile phone operator and thickening of the offer with 40Mhz are the two factors that are being studied before a call is made for bids which had been scheduled for the first months of 2015.

Costa Rica: Tender for Radio Spectrum Halted

April 2014

The second tender planned for this year which would have allowed the entry of a fourth company into the phone market will not be completed.

According to the executive power, who took the decision to suspend the tender, there is not enough information available because the technical report of the Telecommunications Authority is "inconclusive" and contains figures which are out of date.