Costa Rica: Push for Electoral System Reform

A proposal has been made to change the rules for the election of congressmen so that the majority be elected in their constituencies, so as to legitimize them with their communities.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A group of Costa Rican citizens have began to take action under the premise that the "Costa Rican political system is weakening" and must be renewed.

From the text of "Our Position" on the website of the movement " Poder Ciudadano ¡Ya!” (Citizen Power Now!):

"Our position on the project is critical and constructive. We have taken as our starting point the launch of a citizens' initiative to promotes constitutional and legal reforms that we consider necessary for the proper functioning of the legislature. Our main goal is not that the project no 18331 be approved in the Legislative Assembly as it stands, but that it be discussed in depth as the first step in the design and implementation of the best system for the current context. We intend for it to be the gateway to the issue of reforms to the legislature , so that the mechanism of election of representatives and the functioning of the Legislative Assembly be taken as a priority on the legislative agenda.

Our intention is also that all citizens be informed on this issue which is central to Costa Rican democracy and actively participate with their opinions and support. Democracy needs active citizens who exercise their power responsibly.

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June 2021

In Nicaragua, following the arrest of four presidential pre-candidates and the detention of business leader Jose Adan Aguerri, the productive sector demands the release of political prisoners and advocates for the government to commit itself to grant all democratic guarantees.

Following the arrest of Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiaga Blandon and Juan Sebastian Chamorro, there are now four presidential pre-candidates who have been imprisoned by Nicaraguan authorities.

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October 2019

Businessmen in Panama are optimistic with the proposal of constitutional reforms that are the result of the consensus of different sectors, but are concerned that that inopportune changes to the purposes of expanding and modernizing the institutionality could be made.

The Assembly discusses changes to the country's Constitution, which refer mainly to issues related to the Panamanian State, nationality and foreigners, fundamental and social rights, and political rights, among others.