Costa Rica Opens an Embassy in Africa

The first diplomatic headquarters that the Central American country is opening in the African continent will be located in Kenya.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Costa Rica:

April 6, 2018 The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manuel A. González Sanz, inaugurated the Embassy of Costa Rica in the Republic of Kenya in Africa and whose resident Ambassador is Marta Eugenia Juárez Ruiz. 

In the view of Chancellor Gonzalez, "the opening of the first permanent embassy in the African continent is an important country effort that is in line with a policy of advancing Costa Rica in new geopolitical spaces. To that end, we have seen the Middle East opening an embassy in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Asia Pacific, Indonesia and Australia. Today we can say that Costa Rican foreign diplomacy and action have a global presence." 

Read full release (in Spanish).

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El Salvador Opens Embassy in China

April 2019

Through the new diplomatic headquarters in Beijing, the Salvadoran government aims to deepen relations with the Asian giant.

The opening of the Salvadoran government's embassy in China will help to further strengthen the relationship of friendship, trade and cooperation between the two nations, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

El Salvador says "Hello" to China

August 2018

Following the path chosen by its neighbors Panama and Costa Rica, the Salvadoran government has announced the opening of diplomatic relations with China and a rupture with Taiwan.

Reactions to the announcement by President Salvador Sánchez Cerén did not take long. The US government expressed its opposition, stating that the decision will bring negative consequences for El Salvador, while opposition politicians accused the government of wanting to ease the way for China to be granted the concession to operate the port of La Unión.

Morocco to Open Embassy in Guatemala

April 2013

The diplomatic mission will be concurrently accredited to Central America, and the announced purpose is the narrowing of trade and diplomatic relations with the region.

A statement on reads:

The secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Youssef Amrani, announced that for the first time this country will establish an embassy in Guatemala, due to the geographical and strategic position that is our nation.

India Opens Embassy in Guatemala

May 2011

India opened its first diplomatic headquarters in Central American territory.

he TMinister of State for Foreign Affairs for Latin America from India, E. Ahamed, offered his country's support to the entire Central American region during the opening ceremony.

"Since April 1972, when both countries established diplomatic relations, we have been addressing bilateral issues, for Guatemala’s part this has been conducted at its embassy in Japan, which had a similar disposition to India’s, while New Delhi conducted diplomatic relations from its embassy in Mexico. " from an AFPreview article.