Costa Rica: OECD Requirements Welcomed

The roadmap to be followed by the country for entry into the block, has renewed hopes of businessmen for modernization, fiscal discipline, competitiveness, transparency and legal certainty.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Following the adoption by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) of the roadmap to be followed by Costa Rica to be accepted as part of the block, reports that "...As the first step of the program, Costa Rica must submit an initial memorandum which establishes its position regarding 250 legal instruments of the OECD. Following this, experts from the organization will carry out technical reviews and collect information through questionnaires and official visits to the country. "

Although this is only the first step on a long road, the business sector welcomes the adoption of the program because of the benefits that accession to the bloc will bring to the country's public policies, competitiveness and fiscal transparency.

José Manuel Quirce, president of the Costa Rican Chamber of Importers (Crecex) commented that ".. "It is excellent news that the way is open for the incorporation of Costa Rica into the OECD. The process must be accompanied by government policies and best practices to help improve the country's competitiveness. Membership in this organization is very positive for economic development and employment generation. '"

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After the country has completed the 22 required assessments called for in the roadmap, in the coming months the organization's Council should take the decision to invite the country to formally become a member.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued its formal opinion favorable to the work that the country has been doing to address the recommendations provided by this committee since 2016, in areas such as macroeconomic and fiscal stability, inclusive economic growth, increased productivity and promotion of competition, among others.

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Discussion forums, advertising and meetings with businesses are part of the efforts that the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance intends to do in Costa Rica.

Arguing that lack of information about the benefits of an eventual accession to the trade bloc is the main reason behind the opposition of some companies, members of the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (CEAP) announced a plan to promote more, and in a better way, the consequences of joining the Alliance.

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The benefits to the country's competitiveness are to be found exactly in the requirements demanded of the public policies needed to join the OECD.

Representatives from the Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry argue that the eventual accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an opportunity for improving "... key aspects of competitiveness for Costa Rica."

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Businessman point to the great effort that is needed to meet the requirements for the country to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. reports that the Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprise (Uccaep) sees several aspects of the eventual accession to the OECD as positive, "OECD countries have improved public policy issues such as legal certainty, modernization of the state, promoting competitiveness and transparency through rigorous evaluations and comparisons with countries with which we are competing globally. "