Costa Rica: No Urgency in Removing Privileges From State Officials

The private sector has denounced the government for not convening in the Legislative Assembly bills related to public employment that would eliminate some of the privileges given to public servants.

Monday, December 5, 2016

From a statement issued by the UCCAEP:

December 5, 2016. The Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprises (UCCAEP), is denouncing the government because of the lack of projects related to public employment in the call records drawn up by the executive branch, for special sessions of the Legislature.

In the view of UCCAEP, promoting in Congress projects related to spending cuts, and the speech of the Government on the urgency of fiscal consolidation, are closely linked therefore the business sector is confident that the Executive will send initiatives for public employment for discussion.

"It is a contradictory signal from the government. The coming months are crucial to advance the discussion of issues of national interest, and not convening these projects could mean a setback in the effort and commitment shown by a group of deputies," said Victor Ruiz, acting President of the UCCAEP.

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