Costa Rica: New Restaurant Investment

The new location in which Friday's invested $150,000 is located in Los Yoses, east of the capital, and has the capacity to serve 180 people, but because of health restrictions it is only half full at the moment.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Previously, Friday's served its clients in San Jose in the La Bandera traffic circle, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, but, because its property was expropriated in 2019 due to the construction of a viaduct, the company was forced to close its operations in that location.

A year later, the opening of a new store in the capital was announced. It is located in Los Yoses, 125 meters south of the Arenas store. According to the company's information, this store was supposed to start operating in March 2020, however, due to the covid-19 outbreak, the start of operations was delayed.

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According to the owner of the restaurant, the new place has a traditional American-style bar, a patio of light with open and natural spaces, an area to drink coffee, an outdoor ranch and a beer garden.

Carlos Felipe Huezo, owner of Friday's, told that "... 'when thinking about the reopening, we were compliant not only with the new gastronomic trends, but also with the architectural ones, where we merged the bistro with the industrial and urban design. It is not a question of offering a menu of dishes, but rather to provide visitors with a gastronomic experience."

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Huezo added that "... 'the Beer Garden, for example, is a patio of light that was conditioned to enjoy the beer culture in an urban environment. Banners were placed on its walls with young people doing adventure activities. It is a very pleasant and youthful atmosphere."

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