Costa Rica: New Regulations on Cement

Despite objections from the construction sector, the new regulation eliminates the maximum weight of 50 kilos per package and indicates that the recommended use by date should be established by a certified laboratory.

Friday, March 6, 2015

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade (MEIC):

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced the scope and objectives of the amendments to the Technical Regulations on Cement, through which it seeks to reduce technical trade barriers for the product.

This amendment states that the recommended use by date and storage for conditions cement should be established via laboratory analysis certified by the manufacturer or importer. This is because the packaging and storage practices allow for the product to be kept for longer time periods without altering its strength and quality.

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Costa Rica: Mislabeled Cement Chinese

June 2015

Gross inconsistencies in the labeling of bags of cement are rocking the boat again in a market convulsed by the importation of products from China.

Complaints have been made about the differences in the use by dates recommended on the product misleading consumers, causing questions to be raised by other cement sellers.

Cement: Six Months for a Technical Regulation!!

May 2015

In Costa Rica merely updating Technical Regulations on Cement takes an amount of time that is incompatible with the urgency of an economy in decline.


In recent statements outlined in, the Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade, Welmer Ramos explains that "...

Costa Rica Paves the Way for Chinese Cement

February 2015

A subsidiary of a Chinese cement company was registered in the country in November and since December preparations have been made for changes to the regulation of cement sales, making the shelf life of the material more flexible.

The company Sinocem de Costa Rica SA, part of the JCB Group, is looking to import cement into the country taking advantage of "...

Costa Rica: Regulation of Hydraulic Cement Under Consultation

January 2015

The proposed changes aim to flexibilize sales of bulk cement and include on the packaging a use by date and recommended storage conditions.

In order to improve cement sales in the country, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has put to public consultation modifications to the technical regulation RTCR 383: 2004 on Hydraulic Cements, aimed at changing the rules on labeling and packaging of the product, among other things.

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