Costa Rica Needs to Import Beans

The country needs to buy 10,000 metric tons of the grain in order to meet domestic demand from July this year to June 30, 2017.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The National Production Council has recommended that the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Trade prepare a decree declaring a bean shortage in the country and authorize its importation. reports that "...According to the explanation given by the institution in a press release, the country needs to buy 10,057 metric tons of beans to meet domestic demand in the period running from 6 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. 'The shortage is defined according to a technical study by the Agricultural Information System (AIS) at the CNP, which this year determined the inventory as of June 1 to be 13,497 metric tons, held in industry and production warehouses, this enough for 3 and a half months consumption, approximately.'"

Arlyne Alfaro, coordinator at the SIA explained that "... current production is 14,178 metric tons of dry and clean beans and covers only 29% of national consumption. "The remaining 71% has to be imported. Domestic consumption has decreased by about 3% in the last two years'."

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Costa Rica to Import Duty-Free Beans

August 2018

The government is preparing a decree of a shortage in order to authorize the duty free import of 25,000 tons of beans, for the period between June 2018 and May of next year.

As happens every year, the National Production Commission (CNP) must authorize the duty free import of the grain, to cover the annual demand of 48,000 metric tons that can not be met with local production.

Guatemala to Import Duty Free Grains

November 2017

Authorization has been given for 2018 to importy duty free a maximum of 5 thousand MT of black beans, 150 thousand MT of yellow corn, 50 thousand MT of white corn and 26 thousand MT of paddy rice.

The approved quotas were: Black beans, a maximum of 5 thousand metric tons -MT-, equivalent to 110 thousand hundredweight; yellow corn, 150 thousand -MT-, equivalent to 3.3 million hundredweight; white corn, 50 thousand -MT-, 110 thousand hundredweight and unhusked rice, 26 thousand MT, 572 thousand hundredweight.

Costa Rica to Import More Beans

February 2017

Due to the effects of El Niño, a drop of 38% has been forecast in the 2016-17 harvest and 5,450 tonnes will need to be imported to meet domestic demand.

The 5,450 extra tons more that Costa Rica will import this year as recommended by the National Production Council (CNP) will be added to the 9,432 tons that have already been approved by a decree for the period July 2016 to June 30, 2017.

Costa Rica: Nontariff Barriers for Beans

May 2014

Businessmen are complaining about a shortage of the grain in the market due to stricter phytosanitary measures designed to prevent the entry of beans with soil residues on them.

The National Chamber of Industrial Crops (CANINGRA) and the National Association of Bean Industrialists (ANIFRI) have separately warned that there could be supply shortages in the short term if the measure preventing the entry of products with soil residues coming into the country remains. In February and May the entry about 2,000 tons of red beans from Nicaragua was prevented for having breached this rule.