Costa Rica: More Agility for Government Purchases

In the Legislative Assembly a bill is being discussed that would allow for hiring done by government entities not to require the endorsement of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bill 20.202 is an initiative of the General Comptroller of the Republic, which put forward a proposal with the aim of reducing the time and the bureaucracy involved in the review and subsequent endorsement of each contract. reports that "...As established in the proposal for legal reform, starting from the entry into force of the initiative, it would no longer be the responsibility of the Comptroller's Office to comply with the endorsement process, but that function would be carried out by the legal office of the respective institution, or a similar department."

"... According to the comptroller entity, the endorsement currently functions as a review of compliance with the legal requirements of a contract, a process in which there are often nullities and is used, mainly, to negate hires. 
"The endorsement is focused by some sectors as a procedure that allows for an analysis, from scratch, all the acts of the administration, to avoid the effectiveness of the administrative contract, without stopping the social cost of neglecting public needs", explained the entity in the justification of the initiative."

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Caution Required on Changes to Public Procurement Law

January 2020

In El Salvador, there is a demand that the updating of the Law on Public Administration Procurement and Contracting that the deputies seek to make be carried out without neglecting the principles of competition and transparency.

After the Executive submitted the amendments to the draft reform of the Public Administration Procurement and Contracting Law (LACAP) to the Legislative in 2019, a sub-committee of the Assembly is examining the proposals.

Errors That Cost Millions

March 2019

Because of flaws in the estimates of costs of the work, in Costa Rica the Comptroller's Office declared unviable the tender to build a sports center, supposedly valued at $40 million.

In July 2016, the Solis administration announced explicitly that they were preparing to tender, at the beginning of 2017, the construction of a 25,000 square meter aquatic center and a 36,000 square meter sports center in San José, for a total cost of $40 million.

Challenges to the Work of UNOPS

September 2017

"After two years the results are not the expected and, in fact, delays in the projects correspond to the typical obstructions and slow management that we are used to with public entities."


The actions of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) never cease to amaze. Its representatives in the country not only set out an impossible series of obstacles when the Comptroller General of the Republic requested to review the file on the contract for the new bridge over the Virilla River, on route 32, but now, a week after the request was made, UNOPS is ignoring the Comptroller's order. The entity had established a period of 24 hours for the delivery of the information. 

Reform to Lift "Corporate Veil"

August 2014

If successful, the bill being discussed in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, will make shareholders of corporations liable in cases of fraud.

The Legal Affairs Committee has endorsed a bill entitled Lifting the Veil of the Legal Personality, to be discussed in the plenary of the Legislative Assembly.