Costa Rica: Money Transfers Via SMS

The new service SINPE Móvil allows phone line to be connected to a bank account in colones, in order to make transactions to another bank account using text messages.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Banco Central de Costa Rica's application, SINPE Móvil, also allows the use of mobile applications, online banking and mobile banking websites so that you can make any banking transaction and make transfers to any other registered mobile terminal. The service is available to all holders of accounts in colones, either with a commercial bank, mutual savings and loan or credit union company. reports that "... For now, Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica, BAC San José, Banco Lafise, Coopenae and Coope Ande are offering the system. However, this year also joining the system will be Banco Improsa, Davivienda, Mutual de Cartago de Ahorro y Préstamos and Grupo Mutual. Some entities such as the National Bank and BAC San José are now offering this service individually, but with the exception that it only works for intrabank transfers. "

"... The system works this way: you send a text message with the word "Pase" (pass), the amount you wish to deposit (full amount) and the phone number of the recipient. Subsequently, a check is carried out on whether the number is associated with an account and the transfer is performed immediately. "

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Mobile Banking Grows

April 2018

In 2017, money transfers made in Costa Rica through the Sinpe Móvil service added up to $34 million, 140% more than in 2016.

According to figures from the Central Bank " ...In 2017, this service showed the highest growth in terms of quantity with 140.4% compared to 2016, being the service that showed the highest growth rates since its launch in May 2015."

Costa Rica: Start of Bank Account Renumbering

January 2017

January 22 will see the start of the process to replace the 17-digit customer account numbers with the global standard IBAN, which will facilitate interbank transactions at the national and international level.

From a statement issued by the Central Bank:

Online Banking in Nicaragua

April 2016

Starting April 21, 6 nicaraguan banks will include among its services online money transfers.

The six banks are part of the ACH Unired network, an entity authorized by the Central Bank of Nicaragua to operate in the country. Some banks offer no-cost transfers, while others charge transaction fees ranging between $5 and $20.

Panama: Same Day Money Transfers

April 2016

An agreement is in effect which requires banks to immediately register all customer transactions made through online banking services or at ATMs.

From April 1 all banking transactions made by the ACH system in Panama may be compensated and be made available to customers on the same day of the transaction.