Miner Proposes Costa Rica Agreement or $1.1 Billion Litigation

Infinito Gold has given an ultimatum to the Costa Rican government, to either agree to resume its gold mining project, or face an international law suit for $1.09 billion.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Canadian mining company had initially obtained permits for the operation of a gold mine in Costa Rican territory, and had already started the project when a court ruling overturned the award, pointing to flaws in the process of granting permits, and environmental damage.

"Our parent company has submitted a letter to the Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel González, notifying her of what we consider a number of breaches of the bilateral investment treaty between Costa Rica and Canada, bearing in mind that the company was invited to invest here and expected that the investment would be safeguarded, but that did not happen," said Soto Yokebec, company spokeswoman.

With the delivery of this letter, the country will have six months in which to reach an agreement with the mining company, which would be only the resumption of operations in the area. "Otherwise, we will take it to the ultimate consequences, we have already given notice to the Government to see when we can start with meetings and reach that agreement," said Soto.

Prensalibre.com reports that "another possible agreement is to be compensated to the tune of $1.092 billion, the investment amount and what the company has lost because it stopped the works."

"We know that the court had the last word on the matter. It is a settled matter and consequently the Administration has no power to act against the judgment", said the president of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla.

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